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Aldana Lorenzo 1991, originally from Argentina, and currently based in Berlin, is an intuitive designer who
experiments with form and function, crafting a harmonious blend that encapsulates her distinctive approach
to the craft. Aldana has a passion for transforming concepts into unique pieces, which has become a central
aspect of her design philosophy. Her journey is one of constant exploration, a quest to merge her
architectural expertise with her passion for design, resulting in pieces that are as intellectually stimulating
as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Her wide curiosity that leads her into hands-on experiments and adventurous investigations into various
materials and making methods. Aldana's goal is not only to expand her own design typologies but to feed
her insatiable curiosity by producing long-lasting products that not only exhibit form and function but also
challenge and push the boundaries of her creative capabilities.

2022 - First prize Oderstrase Berlin, Germany.
2022 - Second Prize Haus der Statistik Berlin, Germany.
2022 - Second Prize Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60 Berlin, Germany.
2021 - Second Prize Sewanstrase Berlin, Germany.
2016 - Honorable Mention Innovation Park . Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015 - First prize Alacero South America Competitions. Sports and Social Centre Cordoba , Argentina.
2015 - Honorable Mention Alacero National Competitions. Sports and Social Centre Cordoba, Argentina.
2014 - Honorable Mention San Martin Museum. Cordoba, Argentina.

Publications featured in:
2019 - Magazine Plot Special N° 11 Inhabiting Domestic
2018 - Architecture Website: Plataforma Arquitectura. Castillo House.
2017 - Book Bia-ar N° 2 Sports and Social Center, Una posta en la Cañada
2017 - Architecture Website: Plataforma Arquitectura.  Sports and Social Center, Alacero.

2023 - Ukurant perspectives supported by The Danish Arts Foundation. Copenhagen, Denmark.
2018 -  Bia-ar N° 2 Sports and Social Center, Una posta en la Cañada